Indimex Selo Anti Geni Refractory is Indonesia’s leading and most dynamic refractory and insulation importer for more than 30 years. Indimex Selo Anti Geni has a long track record of supplying high grade quality refractory and insulation products and system, combined with innovative installation technology.

Our company plays a vital role in numerous industrial, such as steel industry, nonferrous industry, cement industry, glass industry, and others. Our commitment to customers gives us on out standing recognition and reputation for the excellent quality of products and services.

The company’s goal is to provide high temperature processing industries with better solution.

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Head Office :
Jl. Joyoboyo 8, Surabaya, Indonesia
(+62 31) 5670433
(+62 31) 5611774
(+62 31) 5670574

Warehouse :
Raya Sawunggaling 125, Desa Jemundo, Kec. Taman Sidoarjo
(+62 31) 7882402

Email :